Thursday, January 29, 2004

Adius BBC
I liked you, BBC. But looks like you are not going to be the same anymore. Therefore, it might be the right time to say Adius.
By the way, before we depart just tell me: if Blair didn't lie and Bush, Powel and others didn't li, then who did? Huh?

Monday, January 05, 2004

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the fourth Islamic republic in the world and the third in the region is being created, with the assistance of USA. Isn't that something? History is full of ironies.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Bush's New Year Eve Surprize for Tehran
When asked if temporary easing of sanctions meant thawing relations with Iran today, president Bush answered no. Then he continued by listing the requirements that Tehran should fulfill before any improvement in relations could take place. None of the requirements were surprising or new: listening to Iranians who strive for freedom, turning in the arrested Alqaeda and stopping the nuclear weapons program. What was surprising though, was the absence of an old claim, i.e. sponsoring terrorism by giving aid to Lebanon’s' Hezbollah and Palestine’s Islamic Jihad and Hamas! Did he simply forget it or was it planned?

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year Everybody
I was much happier when I said Merry Christmas a few days ago. Between then and now the terrible earthquake happened that saddened everyone. Heck, what can we do about it? A big fat nothing. So, lets just wish a peaceful 2004 for us and everybody else on the face of the planet.

My 2004 wishes are for my wife Maryam to resume her education that she interrupted in Iran to join me, for myself to publish 3 or 4 journal and conference papers, for Iran to produce a couple of good pieces of news whatever they can be, and for America not to re-elect Bush.

Speaking of Maryam's education, did you know that the Homeland security act prohibits F2 visa holders from taking college courses for credit? So, it is not only people with pocket almanacs who threaten the security of this country, even legal aliens on F2 visas who decide to start college can also be a danger to America's safety. It is a very delicate job, discovering all the threats to national security. Isn't it?

All the best wishes for a joyful prosperous 2004 for everyone.

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