Monday, April 12, 2004

I Ignored the Warnings Too
All this fuss over bush administration having ignored the 9-11 warnings reminds me that he was not the only one. I ignored the warnings too!
3 days before 9-11 I got a broadcasted email from a friend who regularly forwarded jokes or funny images to her list of friends. This time the email included a few images of planes crashed into buildings or crowds. Big and small planes crashed in laughable ways. Some of them gave me smile. Other than that it didn't make much sense. Luckily I forgot to delete that email the same night and waited until 1 day before 9-11 to delete it. So the night after 9-11 when I suddenly remembered the strange email. I could still recycle it from my trashcan. I opened the email and saw something shocking that had gone totally unnoticed the first time:
The subject of the email with all the crashed airplane photos was: 'EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED'.

Trying to trace back the sequence of senders of that email, I reached an Arabic name. My friend had received it from another Iranian who had received it from an Arab guy who had originally received the email as part of an al Arabs email list. She found it funny and forwarded it to her friends, as she did with all other emails that she found funny.

The next day I reported this on FBI website but never got any response back other than one from their auto-response software.

The photos were stored on my PC for a while until it crashed and I had to completely format the hard disk.

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