Sunday, February 22, 2004

Iranian Parlimentary Elections
Even though the fifty something percent of people who voted on Friday were much less than Islamic republic ideally hoped for, it was more than what the oposition needed to call it a total boycut of the election by the Iranian people.
I said it a short time ago in a comment that I left on My people still deserve nothing more than the Mullah's that rule them. This was Khamenei's election. He called for people to participate. And despite all the shameful restrictions imposed by his appointed fellows, so many people answered that call and participated.
It scares me to realize that even in Tehran about 30% said yes to Khamenei.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Earthquake, political crisis, plain crash, corruption, misery, terrorism, train explosion, tear, rage, pian, the homeless, the jobless, the voiceless, the graveless...

Dear Iran, this is what the world has to read about you day after day. My poor Iran.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Copyright violation
The text book for a course that I have taken this semester costs $135. I paid about $8 to copy it (2c a page) and $8 to bind the copy. And I am not feeling guilty. The price was really unfair.

How will I feel if some day I am the author of a text book (fat chance!) and students copy it rather than buing it?

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