Friday, July 18, 2003

Sorry Tony, I still hate that war

Few days after Saddam was ousted I wrote in this weblog that even finding WMD could no longer justify that war. Simply because Saddam didn't use them to save his own neck let alone using them for terrorist purposes inside other countries.
Personally, I hated that war because:
1. Starting a war in the name of liberty is the worst type of hypocrisy.
2. I hate and am scared of the crule idea of preemptive strike.
3. The US ignored and humiliated the security council when it opposed the US. By doing so, America set a very bad example for the small countries. Previously, the US had vetod many of the security council's resolutions approved by the majority of the members. In some cases the US was the only opposing member. The first time France promised to veto something, the Americans simply abandoned the council and got so mad at the French!
I may be happy about Saddam's destiny. We may even see a better Iraq in the future but ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY MEANS. 'preemtive strike' is a very evil idea in long run, regardless of what comes out of it in short term.


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