Friday, December 26, 2003

Damn Earth Quake

60% of Bam in south eastern Iranian province of Kerman is destroyed, 5000 t0 20,000 are dead. The beautiful ancient city of Bam (Arg-e Bam) is gone for good. All a good heart can think of now is to donate some money for the survivors and gestures like that. No amount of money can reverse the terrible destruction. Nothing useful can be done after such a devastating disaster.
There were many things to do though, before hand, when it was clam but experts knew that a quake might happen sooner or later. Many things could be done to make the buildings safer and reduce the casualty rate in case of a disaster like this, were there proper management, efficient system, and caring people.
Every time a quake happens somewhere in Iran - and that happens almost once a year - one cannot help but think that Tehran may be next. If it happens in Tehran, they say the death toll can be even higher than half a million. After it happened, help some wounded survivors if you can, provide shelter to some, count the corpse, or just sit back and sigh. Much more useful things can be done before hand though.


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