Sunday, December 14, 2003

This one I posted on Pedram's Eyeranian weblog as an answer to some heated comments. Thought it wouldn't hurt to post it here too, for the sake of record. A couple of sentenses are added.

The US is guilty of many sins. That is right. But that doesn't explain everything. First of all, as far as foreign support for Saddam is concerned European countries especially France, Germany and the former Soviet are far guiltier than the US. France and Soviet Union gave him advanced weaponry and signed every sort of contracts with him to the last minute. German companies gave him Chemical weapon technology. Taking advantage of weak or corrupt regimes is part of the international politics. Do not solely blame US because many other governments would do worse if they could. We are living in and unfair world. Face it.
Last but not least, let us put the blame where it really belongs. The people. The same people that create and cherish their dictators. If people change a little bit then their political systems will change a whole lot. In most cases people truly deserve their rulers. Iranians still deserve Mullahs because they have not changed enough. Americans too deserve W. or men as low as him before they wake up and realize the true value of their freedom. The same applies to many other nations and their good or bad political systems.

I blame Iraqis the most for keeping Saddam in power for such a long time and am against the US led war because democracy and human rights cannot be militarily enforced.

Dear Iranian fellows, please give up this "Daei Jan Napel’on"-like conspiracy theory. Look inside for the roots of our political and social misery. I would recommend reading Doctor Zibakalam's "Ma Chegune Ma Shodim" (How we became who we are) book as an start.


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