Friday, June 06, 2003

It is three days I am trying to write something. It is a memory. It is quite longer than my other posts. I cannot finish it. Why? because my english sucks. I lack a lot of the vocabulary that I need. What is the best way to describe when a car's brick starts to smell bad as a result of pushing the brick paddle too much? Do we say "I smelled the brick shoe burning"? I have quite a few questions like this. Two and a half years in America and I still have so many problem with my english. I hate myself. What else can I expect? I do not hang out with any Americans, I am not a TV fan, I spend the whole day either at a computer or in the corner of my office, alone, thinking and writing. Sometimes daydreaming and doodling, of course. What else can I expect from myself with this way of life? Well, maybe I finally give up and post that writing the way it is. Who cares.


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