Friday, June 06, 2003

Why do couples still make babies? Aren't there enough people in this world? Why don't they just go to a orphanage, pick a cute baby and adopt it? Isn't that wiser? Do we enjoy life that much to want to force a new human being to experience it? Why do we usually think that we will not love an adopted child like a natural child? Why can't we?
When young couples talk about having baby, they usually talk about a cute little baby that is going to bring joy to their life and give it some meaning! and direction. They often forget that this little cute baby will someday be a grown up. A real individual with all the same challenges and pains as themselves. If they realized that, then they might think more seriously about adopting an already born baby rather than creating one.
Albert Camus said there is but one serious philosophical problem and that is suicide. I think the question of giving birth to a new human being is the second very important philosophical problem.


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