Monday, June 09, 2003

Perfect patriotism

This ad appeared on the Satarday June 7 issue of Dallas Morning News. In case the text on the picture is not readable, part of it says: "... stand with the Prestige Ford owner ... as they hold an American flag that was flown by the 26th Marine Recon Unit over Kandahar International Airport during the recent war in Iraq. The flag was raised by the 26th Marine Recon Unit and flew two days and two nights while the airport was under siege by Iraqi forces." !!!

Just in case you have not followed the prime time news during the past two years, Kandahar is not an Iraqi airport but a city in Afghanestan.

I am not even going to touch the issue of taking advantage of patriotic feelings to advertise stuff. It is probably non of my business. Only, it reminds me of an ad, widely broadcasted on several TV channels shortly after 9/11. The ad used D-day (probably the best thing American military has ever done) to advertise, guess what? Jeep Liberty.


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