Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Just before starting this weblog, when I was thinking about a good title, I came up with this idea: "potential Mohammad Atta". It was a reaction to that senator who branded this title to all the Middle Easter students in the States. Very soon I dismissed the idea thinking it might offend some visitors (specially Americans) who did not share my Iranian sense of humor.
A couple of weeks ago I came across this weird persian weblog called Terrorist. This one is not sarcastic at all. The title of the weblog goes like this (all text in the parenthesis is by Jafar):

"Some day they (Arab invaders of 13 centuries ago) called us Ajam. We felt humiliated so, we put on turban to look like Arabs.
They called us Rafezi, so we hid our love for our lord ( Imam Ali ) for many years.
Yesterday the blond people with a hallow civilization based on modern ignorance, put hat on our head to make us western from tip to toe. If someone refused, they called him backward.
For so many years, others attacked and we only defended.
Today they call the moslem who sacrifices his life to fight the cruel and the oppressor, terrorist.
Now I respond all their attack not by defense, but by a counterattack. I shout: I am Ajam , I am Rafezi, I am backward, and I am terrorist"

Tonight when I visited his blog, there was a farewell message there. He will not continue blogging anymore. Looks like his verbal counterattack did not work for him. He is a fundamentalist Shia moslem with a noticeable sense of humor who praised Hamas and Hezbollah but is ambivalent about Al-Qaeda.


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