Friday, May 02, 2003

1. It is just another day. Some people died of AIDS, some people died of earthquake, some went bankrupt, some people cried. Some people got married, some people gave birth to cute babies, some made greate furtunes, some laughed. I start this blog in this ordinary day with this useless thaught stuck in my brain: life is still a challenge, like it has always been. And it is still worth fighting for.

2. On the PBS news last night (May 1st) someone was mentioning that the precision bombs used in Iraq were not that much destructive to scare Iraqi civilians enough to accept democracy (he really said something like that!). He believed democracy flourished in post WWII Germany only because the allied countries bombed the shit out of German cities and killed hundreds of thousands of 'guilty civilians'. He belive they were guilty for supporting Hitler, so it was ok to mass-murder them in their homes, so it helped re-establishment of democracy in Germany. Stupidity has no boundaries.

3. Several people died in earthquake in Turkey today. What a sad news. Condolences to all Turkish folks. Yet these things happen all the time. I guess it is just another day.


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