Thursday, May 15, 2003

Where can I find some fairness?
The bombing in Saudi Arabia deteriorated the situation in the Middle East even more. My wife is going to apply again for a US visa next week. She is going to travel to Dubai as there is no American embassy in Tehran. As the past experience tells me, the bombing accident reduces her chance of gettinf US visa drastically. Is this fair? Why should the violance that has nothing to do with my wife and I keep us apart? Why should being Iranian cause so much suffering and humiliation? While in Iran you are humiliated and harassed constantly by your regime. While outside, you are humiliated by the people who do not like the goverment of your country. They drag you to annual special INS registration, their senator calls you a potencial Mohammad Atta, they keep your wife away from you. I am dying to see some fairness in this world.


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