Friday, May 09, 2003

A few days ago my wife, who is living in Tehran went to the Mehrabad airport to catch a flight. At the entrance the security guard (a woman) rushed at her face violantly and impolitely with a piece of fabric to clear up her lipstick! What a shame. Another time, when I was still to Tehran (more than two months ago) we escorted my cousin to the airport one evening. Again those stupid guards did not let Maryam into the building only because they beleived her 'manto' was not long enough! I have seen a lot of these, you know. My generation grew up receiving this kind of humiliation from the regime left and right. I can go on giving tens of examples even worse than the two that I already explained above.
It is not only the offence to my wife that freaks me out, it is the grave backwardness, the shameful lumpenism in the system that once and again makes me sigh for my country and my people. When are they going to give up? to perish? to leave my people alone? I, like many other Iranians, am sick and tired of them. We have had enough. My wife does not deserve this insult, nor anybody else in my country.


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