Friday, May 30, 2003

Kachal-e Kaftar-baaz
Tonight on ABC, Mike Tyson was co-hosting Jimmy Kimmel's show. They had filmed him with his pigeons over the roof of a building in Harlem. So, that's his hobby. He is a kaftar-baaz (as Iranians say). His method of playing with the pigeons was unbelievably similar to that of the Iranian kaftar-baaz. Kaftar-baazi (playing with pigeons over the roof and competing with the rivals) is a very old Iranian tradition. And he is bald too. So he resembles Kachal-e Kaftar-baaz (the famous character of an Iranian children story). An Iranian Kaftar-baaz is usually infamous in the neighborhood for they suspect he always watches across the wall to the interior of other peoples homes (something traditional Iranians really hate).


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