Saturday, May 24, 2003

Last night at 2 after midnight I watched Clinton on CSPAN giving lecture to a college class in Arkansas for more than an hour. I really enjoy it when this guy talks. You know, when he speaks you get a feeling that he really knows something. Unlike Goerge bush that when talks you quickly realize he has been a C student in the college. Bill Clinton is so damn brilliant. At least that is how he sounds in his speeches.
Tonight we were talking about him after dinner. Mahmoud brought up the issue of Monica Lewinski scandal. He kind of believed it overshadows anything good that Clinton ever did during his time. Rahim was against this. He asked: which one is more unethical and shameful for a president? To commit adultery or to get allowance from your daddy until you are 40 years old? His point was that the latter damages the qualifications of a president much more. I am not sure if this allegation is true about George Bush the son but Rahim made a clever point.
What do I think about that scandal? I am not really sure. What do you think about it?


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