Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The collision of generations
Webgard has this interesting essay for the Mothers Day.
"They see their kids, the generation that dominates Iran today, and they see them hurting. And aside from blaming some aristocratic cleric figure, they sometimes blame themselves. Sad. To me, and I don't mean to exaggerate but they are the most unappreciated generation Iran has ever had."

He believes we should appreciate our fathers generation more than this. Actually, I am one of those Iranian post-revolution people who blames his fathers generation for being so naive, so simplistic, to be fooled by the most backward group of people into the most backward movement in Irans modern history that created the islamic revolution of 1979. So, not only we do not need to appreciate them more, they even owe us something. They have not made it up for us yet.
I may sound too superficial here but, believe me, if they had learned their lessons from their past history they wouldn't have been fooled so easily.


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