Friday, May 30, 2003

To vote, or not to vote
At the time of local elections in late February, I was to Tehran. I didn't vote, just like most other Tehranis. I, and others believed it was a good punishment for the regime (especially for the so called reformers) to turn our back to them after all these years. In the presidential elections of May 1997, I voted for the first time in my life, just like many other Iranians who thought that was the first serious election since 1979. I voted for Khatami, just like many others. You see, in both occasions I was actually following the wave. Many of the people who voted for Khatami at that time, now think it was a mistake. I don't. But I am not sure if in the February 2003, it was the right decision to boycott the election. I guess time will show. But if someday we figure out that it was wrong, it will be too late to correct the decision. It will be another missed opportunity added to so many other missed opportunities in our modern history. For the future elections, we really have to think about whether or not to participate more carefully.


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